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Graphical representation of the results

The plot subsystem of the portal allows to obtain results in graphical form, to load the resultant plots on the user's computer, as well as to zoom and pan plots in interactive mode.

The plot subsystem is powered by Flot Javascript plotting library for jQuery.

The plot subsystem provide operates with graphical data in the client browser. The attempt to build a plot for too large data file can cause the "hang" of the browser due to the long time required for building of the plot  or exhausting the available RAM. Since there is a possibility of plotting several spectra, the choice of a number of spectra to plot may lead to similar results. According to our estimates, the total number of pairs of points (X,Y) for the plot should not exceed 500 thousand, although this limit can vary significantly depending on the parameter (primarily the amount of available RAM) of the user's computer.

The system monitors the file size of the data and refuses to build plot for large amounts of data. At spectra simulation the results contain a column Plot that shows whether the graphical representation of the spectrum is available. The column can contain the values Y (Yes, the plot is available) or N (No, the plot is not available).