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Mixtures of isotopologues

This page shows mixtures of isotopologues for all molecules presented in the HITRAN database.

Fig.1. The list of available isotopic mixtures of selected molecule

In the left part of the viewport you see a list of available molecules. To select the molecule click over the title of the molecule of your interes.

In the right part of the viewport a list of available mixtures of isotopologues for selected molecule is offered. This set is presented as a table that contains the following columns (Fig. 1)
Id -  internal identifier of the mixture in system database;
Title -  verbal identification of a mixture;
Mixing ratio, % - mixing ratio as a list of pairs: "isotopic species" : "percentage in mixture".

Registered users have a possibility to create their own mixtures. For this purpose, the user must select User-defined as an Origin of the mixture via the switch above the list of mixtures. To define a new mixture press the button Create mixture. After you have pressed this button the form Create mixture appears. The rightmost column of the table of User-defined mixtures allows to update (by the button  ) or delete (by the button  ) previously created mixtue. For create and update a mixture the same form is used (Fig. 2).

The create/update mixture form contains the follownng fields:
  1. The Title text field.
  2. The table of mixing ratios. To manage this table use small button in the bottom-left corner of the table, from the left to the right: Add row, Edit selected row, Save selected row and Cancel editing selected row. To select a row click on it. To delete selected row click on the Trash button on the right column of the table.
  3. The Save and Cancel buttons to finish creation or editing process.
Fig.2. The create/update mixture form