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Review of HITRAN data

Page can contain two tabs: HITRAN data and References.

The first tab contains a form intended to specify parameters of the spectral lines selection. Let's consider this form (Fig. 1).

Molecules. The list of available molecules according filtering criteria of this form and the following information on each molecule.
number of vibrational bands;
 - number of available lines;
- wavenumber range;
- minimal, maximal and summation of intensity in cm-1 / (mol.cm-2) at 296 K.

Fig. 1 The form of spectral lines selection parameters

To select a molecule(s) mark checkbox(es) in the leftmosst column of the list.

Parameters in Spectral lines selection parameters box:
Isotopologues - selection of all or main isotopologue of chosen molecule(s);
WNmin and WNmax, cm-1 - selection of the wavenumber range;
Scutoff, cm/mol - selection of an cutoff for the line intensities;
Parameter uncertainties - selection of the transitions with well-defined uncertainties of the line parameters (line position, intensity, air-broadening half-width, self-broadening half-width, temperature dependence exponent, air pressure-induced line shift).

Form buttons
The button Review data allows you to display the general information about selected lines in Molecules table of this form.
The button Reset selection allows you to forget the filtering paremeters. After that the Molecules table displays the general information about all lines available in HITRAN database.
The button Get references allows you to get references for selected lines. Obtained references are displayed in References tab (Fig. 2).
The button Get linelist allows you to get detailed linelist for selected lines. Obtained linelist becomes available on Obtained libelists page.

Fig. 2. The References tab.