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References for the molecule HNO3

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L.S. Rothman, R.R. Gamache, A. Goldman, L.R. Brown, R.A. Toth, H.M. Pickett, R.L. Poynter, J.-M. Flaud, C. Camy-Peyret, A. Barbe, N. Husson, C.P. Rinsland, M.A.H. Smith, The HITRAN database: 1986 edition //Appl Opt 26, 4058-4097 (1987)
A.G. Maki, High-resolution measurements of the ν2 band of HNO3 and the ν3 band of trans-HONO //J Mol Spectrosc 127, 104-111 (1988)
Reference comment: A. Goldman and A.G. Maki, private communication (1990): high J,K extension of references above.
A. Goldman, F.J. Murcray, R.D. Blatherwick, J.J. Kosters, D.G. Murcray, C.P. Rinsland, J.-M. Flaud, C. Camy-Peyret, Stratospheric HNO3 measurements from 0.002 cm-1 resolution solar occultation spectra and improved spectroscopic line parameters in the 5.8-µm region //J Geophys Res D97, 2561-2567 (1992)
A.G. Maki, Wm.B. Olson, Infrared spectrum of the ν6, ν7, and ν8 bands of NHO3 //J Mol Spectrosc 133, 171-181 (1989)
Reference comment: A. Goldman, ν6 band, private communication (1990): originally generated by A.G. Maki, based on reference above.
A. Goldman, ν7 band, private communication (1990): originally generated as for ν6 band.
A. Goldman, ν8 band, private communication (1990): originally generated as for ν6 band.
A. Goldman, J.B. Burkholder, C.J. Howard, R. Escribano, A.G. Maki, Spectroscopic constants for the ν9 infrared band of HNO3 //J Mol Spectrosc 131, 195-200 (1988)
Reference comment: A. Goldman, University of Denver, private communication (1990): based on reference above.
A. Maki, Infrared spectrum of the 1205-cm−1 band of HNO3 //J Mol Spectrosc 136, 105-108 (1989)
Reference comment: A. Goldman, ν8+ν9 band, private communication (1990): originally generated by A.G. Maki, based on reference above.
A. Perrin, O. Lado-Bordowsky, A. Valentin, The ν3 and ν4 interacting bands of HNO3 line positions and line intensities //Mol Phys 67, 249-270 (1989)
A. Goldman, University of Denver, private communication (1992).
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