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Gas mixtures

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IdTitleMixing ratio, %Airy
46Pure NO+NO+: 100.000000   No
47Pure HOBrHOBr: 100.000000   No
48Pure C2H4C2H4: 100.000000   No
49Pure CH3OHCH3OH: 100.000000   No
50Pure CH3BrCH3Br: 100.000000   No
51Pure CH3CNCH3CN: 100.000000   No
52Pure CF4CF4: 100.000000   No
53Pure CSCS: 100.000000   No
54HF in airO2: 21.500000   HF: 1.000000   N2: 77.500000   Yes
55Pure H2
H2: 100.000000   No
56Pure HC3NHC3N: 100.000000   No
57Pure SO3SO3: 100.000000   No

For gas mixtures marked "Airy" Lenv and Pshift parameters are taken into account on spectra simulation. For all the others, no.