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Gas mixtures

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IdTitleMixing ratio, %Airy
26Pure HBRrHBr: 100.000000   No
27Pure HIHI: 100.000000   No
28Pure ClOClO: 100.000000   No
29Pure OCSOCS: 100.000000   No
30Pure H2COH2CO: 100.000000   No
31Pure HOClHOCl: 100.000000   No
32Pure N2N2: 100.000000   No
33Pure HCNHCN: 100.000000   No
34Pure CH3ClCH3Cl: 100.000000   No
35Pure H2O2H2O2: 100.000000   No
36Pure C2H2C2H2: 100.000000   No
37Pure HOBrHOBr: 100.000000   No
38Pure PH3PH3: 100.000000   No
39Pure COF2COF2: 100.000000   No
40Pure SF6SF6: 100.000000   No
41Pure H2SH2S: 100.000000   No
42Pure HCOOHHCOOH: 100.000000   No
43Pure HO2HO2: 100.000000   No
44Pure OO: 100.000000   No
45Pure ClONO2ClONO2: 100.000000   No

For gas mixtures marked "Airy" Lenv and Pshift parameters are taken into account on spectra simulation. For all the others, no.