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8 June 2016

Main features of Hitran on the Web 2.0

Hitran on the Web 2.0 has renewed design, user interface, help subsystem, and absolutely new subsystem for graphical representation of the results.

The main purpose of developing a new version of the system was to make it fully compliant with modern trends of development of Internet applications.

The data available in the system has not changed and correspond to the version of HITRAN-2012, with subsequent modifications.

All user's accounts are transferred from a previous version to the current.

The most part of user's data (user-defined gas mixtures, user-defined and saved spectra) for the last two years are also available in the current version of Hitran on the Web.

The most significant changes in functionality and user interface

The menu of the help system is now on the main page. Please try to find the answers to your questions before you contact developers.

Now the user cannot have multiple accounts with same e-mail address. If you are already registered in the system but have forgotten your username or password, click Forgot password button in the Login the user dialog and enter your username or e-mail address in the window that appears. Then you will see the registration information related to entered data, and can send a new password to the specified email address. Login the user dialog appears when you click on the icon.

The results obtained in each of the sections of the main menu can be accessed both in numerical and in graphical form, and at the same time can be opened a number of tabs with the results.

The results of the spectra simulation are not lost immediately after query execution, as it was in the previous version. They are stored in a temporary storage that is available during the user's session. Registered users can move spectra from temporary storage to the user's archive or just ask it as a default storage.

Batch mode of the spectra simulation allows to run a job of the spectra simulation on the server and proceed with other operations while the job runs. The user can also log out from the system when a job still runs. When the job is finished, the results will be stored in the user’s archive. This is especially useful when a simulation requires rather long time. The user is able to track the status of his/her jobs in a pop-up window that opens when the user clicks on the icon  in the right top of the browser window.

The gas mixtures have a new important property "Consider Lenv". If this property is checked then the air-broadened half-width for Lorentz profile is considered on calculation of Lorentz half-width, otherwise only the self-broadened half-width is consideted. For all user-defined gas mixtures created in the previous version of Hitran on the Web, this property is present. If it is incorrect for some of your mixtures, make the appropriate changes in the properties of the mixture in the section "Gas mixtures".

The main menu item "Molecules" is splitted into two. The first one "Molecules" allows you to simulate spectra in the selected range of wavenumbers for all or some of the isotopologues of a single molecule. The second one "Spectral bands" is intended for simulation of spectra for selected bands of a certain isotopologue.

The main menu section "Auxiliary data" is removed. To view mixtures of gases and isotopologues predefined in the system and to manage user-defined mixtures, as well as to simulate spectra of gaseous mixtures you may now in the main menu section "Gas mixtures". The section "Partition Functions" is placed on the upper level of the main menu.

The main menu item "Saved spectra" has been removed. Spectra from both storage types is now available in the section "Simulation results" for each type of simulated spectrum.

The main menu item "My spectra" is renamed to "User-defined spectra".